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United States
I'm a recent college graduate with a degree in Graphic Design: Animation, and most of the time I just sketch and doodle. I'd also like to get better at doing comics. :)


Lovely Ladies by Jesteppi
Lovely Ladies
Drew some sketches of some of my favorite ladies from home, work, school, and etc. (: The first is my cousin (Steppica), the second is my childhood best friend, the third is my bartending partner in crime, the fourth is another sweet co-worker, the fifth is my ultimate gal pal, and the sixth is my excellent nerdy friend/co-worker (soonhart)! (:
[BRR] Zelkova - DFTPAY by Jesteppi
[BRR] Zelkova - DFTPAY

Augh I'm sorry this took so long, Zerewin! I've had it done for like 3 days but was having internet issues.

Okay so here is Zelkova for Zerewin. I hope you like him! I liked that your Trapinch seemed a little smaller than usual so I kept him looking tiny. Again, sorry for the delay! DX Hope you like the drawing. XD
Alice and Crew by Jesteppi
Alice and Crew
Sooooo I realized half-way through this drawing that I was late to comment and was thus drawing for the wrong person. XD

So this is Alice Moore, SnowInTheVeins's OCTrainer in the Borealis Region. This was supposed to be part of a "Draw For" post and somehow my computer failed to show me that I was actually supposed to be drawing for Zerewin instead... so never fear, Zer, yours is on its way! I just figured since this one was half-way done when I realized my error that  would put some flats on it and upload it anyway. XD Well your character was very fun to draw, SnowInTheVeins, and I hope you enjoy the drawing. XD
Trainer Sanjay by Jesteppi
Trainer Sanjay
Here's my baby boy, Sanjay! If anyone recognizes him, he's my little squirrely boy from my WIP comic, Dandelion Massacre. Here, he's obviously lost his ears and tail (plus, I just had to shave his sides and give him a man bun because man buns are hawt...), and is ready to enter the world of Pokémon! Okay, onto the info.

Also, I've never joined a RP group before, really, so I'm brand new and have no idea how it goes but if you like my friendly guy here, I'm totally open to giving RPing a shot! Let me know!

Name: Sanjay Baroom
Birthday: April 6th
    Zodiac : Aries
    Pokémon Zodiac : Vulpix [… ]
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Hometown: Violet City in Johto
Occupation: Sketch Artist


Favorite Type: Grass
    Because Sanjay has spent so much time in nature, up in trees and such, he has grown an affinity for grass type Pokés. He loves to be outdoors and so do little grass types.
Least Favorite Type: Ghost
    Although he spends a lot of time outside with many types of Pokémon, he harbors a secret fear of ghost types... they turn him into Jell-o!

    • One With Nature - has no issues traveling outside and spending time under the stars
    • Outgoing - is very comfortable talking to new people that he's never met before
    • Goofy - grew up away from people except for his two family members and so he feels little to no embarrassment in most situations
    • Personal Space Invader - tends to make people feel uncomfortable due to his lack of the concept of personal space
    • Loves to Draw - aspires to research the different variations of Pokémon and draws them as much as possible
    • Loves to Flirt - he is awkward and not really aware of what is socially acceptable or not, but thanks to his carefree, outgoing ways, he is a huge flirt
    • Excellent at Climbing Trees - he grew up outdoors and feels most as home up in the branches of a sturdy tree
    • Hides Deep Emotions from Others - spent his childhood caring for a sickly mother and a younger brother and learned to wear a mask to cover any hurt or pain
    • Tries to Keep a Zen-Like Attitude - as "one with nature" he tries to find peace with situations he cannot control
    • Energetic - bright-eyed and bushy tailed is a suiting description for his energetic ways, and he matches his sleep cycle to the sun's
    • Easily Excited - as he hasn't seen any of the world yet, he is often overly excited when meeting someone new or experiencing something new

    Sanjay grew up on the outskirts of Violet City and feels perfectly at home in the woods. He spent his childhood playing with and sketching the Pokémon in his home region, but has always dreamed of traveling on to different places and experiencing all the world has to offer. He has a sickly mother and one younger brother, and so was never able to chase his dream. Between drawing and exploring the woods near his home, Sanjay had the responsibilities of caring for his mother and educating his younger brother. By the time he was 9, he was self-taught in the many uses of berries and herbs for medicine and food, and he considered it his personal duty to teach all of his knowledge to his brother Aakar. 
    Having grown up outside and away from people for the most part, he often comes across as strange to many others. He's always smiling and loves to be around people, but tends to get a little too close, making others feel uncomfortable at times. Due to the struggle he's had to deal with in caring for his mother, Sanjay tends to keep his negative emotions bottled up and hidden from others. He wants to exude a naïve kind of happiness to everyone. 
    As he got older, Sanjay spent much of his free time studying maps of the different regions, and when he learned of the Borealis region, he knew right away that it was the place for him to go. He was fascinated by Professor Larix and the work he was doing with aligning trainers with “celestially destined” starters. Being very spiritual himself and believing in the strong bonds that can be felt between trainers and pokémon, but never actually having a pokémon of his own, Sanjay was very interested in the professor's methods.
    Aakar knew of his brother's dream to travel the world and payed attention to his special interest in the Borealis region. When Aakar turned 14, he began saving money up in a hidden place. By Sanjay's 20th birthday, Aakar had saved up enough and he presented his older brother with a ferry ticket to Situla Town in Borealis. Sanjay, although sad at the prospect of leaving his mom and brother behind, was ecstatic at the chance to discover his destiny. He left his little family with a stock pile of herbs and berries, plenty of written instructions for his little brother, and many warm hugs to last them while he was away, and then boarded the boat to his future.

"Situla Town, here I come!"

    • One green messenger bag
    • One handmade sketchbook with brown paper
    • One metal pencil case with colored pencils inside

    • Height: 5'10"
    • Build: Slender but strong, with wiry muscles
    • Movement: Flexible and acrobatic


“So your favorite type is Grass? How lively! You treat the world with a lot of respect, but your people skills could always use some work. Your energy would serve you better if you learned how to open up to others. With the guidance of the stars, I believe Oddish is the best partner for you! I hope you two have a long lasting companionship!” - Prof. Larix

1.] :iconoddishplz: Holly
Species: Oddish
Gender: female
Type: Grass/Poison
Current Level: 5
Prof. Larix
Nature: Hasty - Likes sweet flavors, dislikes sour flavors
 Highly curious
Ability: Chlorophyll
:bulletgreen: Absorb - Inflicts damage on the target, then restores the user's HP based on the damage inflicted.
:bulletgreen: Sweet Scent - A sweet scent that harshly lowers opposing Pokémon's evasiveness. This also lures wild Pokémon if used in places such as tall grass.
Dragon Notebook by Jesteppi
Dragon Notebook
I bought a plain little journal at Barnes and Noble and then illustrated the cover with this cutie dragon for my little sister's Christmas present. Hope you enjoy!

Used Copic markers with Prismacolor pencils on top.
I sit at work and look at all of the beautiful deviations in my inbox and it makes me want to draw the day away...but I think my co-workers might be upset about me not pulling my weight... :iconpoutplz:

So I am arting much more slowly than I would like. Someone hire me so I can do it more? X'D
  • Mood: Anguish
  • Listening to: The Goo Goo Dolls
  • Reading: Dark Moon Defender- Sharon Shinn

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