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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
I'm a recent college graduate with a degree in Graphic Design: Animation, and most of the time I just sketch and doodle. I'd also like to get better at doing comics. :)


Trainer Sanjay by Jesteppi
Trainer Sanjay
Here's my baby boy, Sanjay! If anyone recognizes him, he's my little squirrely boy from my WIP comic, Dandelion Massacre. Here, he's obviously lost his ears and tail (plus, I just had to shave his sides and give him a man bun because man buns are hawt...), and is ready to enter the world of Pokémon! Okay, onto the info.

Name: Sanjay Baroom
Age: 20
Hometown: Violet City in Johto
Occupation: Sketch Artist

Favorite Type: Grass
    Because Sanjay has spent so much time in nature, up in trees and such, he has grown an affinity for grass type Pokés. He loves to be outdoors and so do little grass types.
Least Favorite Type: Ghost
    Although he spends a lot of time outside with many types of Pokémon, he harbors a secret fear of ghost types... they turn him into Jell-o!
    • Nature Lover
    • Outgoing
    • Goofy
    • Personal Space Invader
    • Loves to Draw
    • Loves to Flirt
    • Excellent at Climbing Trees
    • Hides Any Deep Emotions from Others
    • Height: 5'10"
    • Build: Slender but strong, with wiry muscles.
    Sanjay grew up on the outskirts of Violet City and feels perfectly at home in the woods. He spent his childhood playing with and sketching the Pokémon in his home region, but has always dreamed of traveling on to different places and experiencing all the world has to offer. He has a sickly mother and one younger brother, and so was never able to chase his dream. Between drawing and exploring the woods near his home, Sanjay had the responsibilities of caring for his mother and educating his younger brother. By the time he was 9, he was self-taught in the many uses of berries and herbs for medicine and food, and he considered it his personal duty to teach all of his knowledge to his brother Aakar. 
    Having grown up outside and away from people for the most part, he often comes across as strange to many others. He's always smiling and loves to be around people, but tends to get a little too close, making others feel uncomfortable at times. Due to the struggle he's had to deal with in caring for his mother, Sanjay tends to keep his negative emotions bottled up and hidden from others. He wants to exude a naïve kind of happiness to everyone. 
    As he got older, Sanjay spent much of his free time studying maps of the different regions, and when he learned of the Borealis region, he knew right away that it was the place for him to go. He was fascinated by Professor Larix and the work he was doing with aligning trainers with “celestially destined” starters. Being very spiritual himself and believing in the strong bonds that can be felt between trainers and pokémon, but never actually having a pokémon of his own, Sanjay was very interested in the professor's methods.
    Aakar knew of his brother's dream to travel the world and payed attention to his special interest in the Borealis region. When Aakar turned 14, he began saving money up in a hidden place. By Sanjay's 20th birthday, Aakar had saved up enough and he presented his older brother with ferry ticket to Situla Town in Borealis. Sanjay, although sad at the prospect of leaving his mom and brother behind, was ecstatic at the chance to discover his destiny. He left his little family with a stock pile of herbs and berries, plenty of written instructions for his little brother, and many warm hugs to last them while he was away, and then boarded the boat to his future.

"Situla Town, here I come!"
Dragon Notebook by Jesteppi
Dragon Notebook
I bought a plain little journal at Barnes and Noble and then illustrated the cover with this cutie dragon for my little sister's Christmas present. Hope you enjoy!

Used Copic markers with Prismacolor pencils on top.
Trainer Stella - Borealis Region by Jesteppi
Trainer Stella - Borealis Region

Here is my trainer submission into the Borealis Region group here on exciting!

age: 17
gender: female
hometown: Vasari Town
occupation: Pokémon Collector

Her father is a scholar in Vasari Town, and so it has always been Stella's dream to try to catch all of the Pokémon in her region and the regions beyond. She loves meeting new Pokémon and hopes to build a strong connection with each one she meets.
Kinosko - Birthday Sketch by Jesteppi
Kinosko - Birthday Sketch
So...I figured out (or made up) the birthdays of my OCs so that I would have an excuse to draw them. Uh..the plan was to draw each one on their birthday, but I've already slacked a bunch. XD But since Kinosko here is a demon and her birthday is October 30th, I thought this would be an appropriate time to start up again. (: 

Alright, so this is just a sketch, but I figured I'd show an in-progress and then I would finish the drawing and post it tomorrow for Halloween... so wish me luck!

I believe I picked October 30th for Kinosko's birthday because it was so close to Halloween and she is my demon girlie. Kinosko is actually one of my older characters, having created her and her companion, the demon princess Tsukiyama (whose name has changed to Isu) back in the summer of 2003, I think, when I was getting into my Inuyasha phase. She is stoic and harsh, and a fierce protector of the young demon princess. Her design is almost always changing, since I don't draw her near enough to solidify anything.

Well anyway, I hope you like her and all her ferocity, and look for the finished piece tomorrow! (I certainly hope!)

More Kinosko: <da:thumb id="335377262"> 
I sit at work and look at all of the beautiful deviations in my inbox and it makes me want to draw the day away...but I think my co-workers might be upset about me not pulling my weight... :iconpoutplz:

So I am arting much more slowly than I would like. Someone hire me so I can do it more? X'D
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  • Listening to: The Goo Goo Dolls
  • Reading: Dark Moon Defender- Sharon Shinn

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